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Doing a PPt on wound care. I LOVE wound care (nurse sisters and brothers will understand this) but I am having enough of looking at Necrotic tissue. In other news, should I WFH tomorrow?

Amisja 8 Mar 21

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Anyway I decided...wfh day. I have tons to do


Maggots and honey. My late father's surgical team wished they have used them.
However, assuming that you can't add them as NHS treatment, you could add it in as a discussion point.
I've seen it work on animals - My late wife had a cat come in with an open wound infested with maggots, she tended where the maggots had got to the wound, and dressed it with some pure honey. Honey is anti bacterial if sticky, but he wound was closed and clean quicker than she would have expected. This method of treatment was used in Ancient Egypt with apparent success.
Look it up, and add it in, if only to turn some stomachs

Use them both all the time.


Necrotic, ugh. Had a poor lady with advanced ovarian ca that had surfaced; had to cleanse/pack with gauze daily. It didn’t look bad, but the smell. Whew.

Yummy. I know its weird but I just love the process. Watching a deep tunnelling wound heal. I had an ex IV drug user with a venous ulcer on her leg for 12 years!!! It took ages but we managed to help her heal it. It was an amazing process. Pongy but fab. Have you used live maggots? Amazing stuff.

@Amisja I’ve seen maggots and leeches both in hospital. Out in homes, maggots happened! With generally beneficial results on the wound. I always did my own weekly measurements. We had a patient with a sacral ulcer to the bone, from radiation for uterine cancer decades earlier. We got her into trial for the wound vac system at Duke. She’d had an ulcer for years: healed in 6 months. Amazing.

@CarolinaGirl60 Amazing. I know a lot of people find it repulsive but supporting someone's healing is so fundamental to what we do. Most people don't realise how long people live with really quite dreadful wounds.

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