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Can an atheist have a relationship with a church going woman?

seafarersd 5 Mar 21

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For a few hours maybe. Until he figures out she's a wingbat!


A believer yes, church goer, no.


Not me, since I view the religious as delusional. It’s hard enough to be in a relationship with someone i respect.


My wife is a Presbyterian, but not a believer. She goes for the community, music and special occasions.


Of course, but there will always be an invisible elephant in the room.
I failed many years ago as the lass was very evangelical. She stole me from another, then dumped me because she couldn't convert me.


Of course. Probably wouldn't be easy and all that, and personally I wouldn't do it, but there are couples with a believer and non involved together.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 21, 2019
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