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The Liberal Left has turned fascist. The Democrat Party has become viciously angry at losing an election.

Liberals nowadays are linked with anti-Jew rhetoric, BDS support, and Islamophobe finger pointing.

Who could possible have foreseen that Liberals would turn out to be of the Crazy Left?

It's a good thing that most eligible voters chose Mr Trump as their President. Because, I tell you he is doing a great job.

Great job.

By SidneyWinston6
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They're HERE!

davknight Level 7 Mar 23, 2019

Thank goodness your vote doesn't count. You are so misinformed. I guess you watch Faux News which tends to blind its viewers to the truth. I am a liberal Jew and you are so WRONG. I am not anti-Semitic nor Islamaphobic but are you? Why are you so full of HATE?

Why can't you admit that your President is doing a great job?

@SidneyWinston WRONG HE's THE BIGGEST POS LIAR, RACIST AND CROOK! Watch him go to jail by NY State!!!!


I worry about you

Amisja Level 8 Mar 22, 2019

Aaaaw you are very sweet. Thank you.

@SidneyWinston I am yes.

@Amisja now that we have deduced that the problem is with you - the worrying - well, what are we going to do about your worrying. I am here for you.

@SidneyWinston You have changed

@Amisja really? How long have you known me?

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