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I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday, with an opthalmologist.
As she peered deeply into my eyes the thought struck me that in order to be an opthalmologist you need more than just the degrees and qualifications that most other professions require. You also need to have very good eyesight!

Petter 9 Mar 26

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If you wanna be a tobacconist I suppose you'd need to be a smoker or chewer. Ewwwww.

No. You don't have to be, although a knowledge of tobaccos could be useful when a customer asks - but it is not essential.

@Petter what do I know, I've never visited a tobacconist πŸ˜‰ I'm not even sure if there is one in any city I've lived in. I can't imagine trying to specialize or sell any product I didn't know well, and to know it I'd have to use it.

@HippieChick58 Well, there's always chocolate. ???


Don't be obese if you're a dietitian.
Don't have terrible hair if you're a stylist.
Don't smoke if you're a doctor.
Don't be thin if you're a pastry chef.

You could be any of those and still practise.


To be a good dentist you do not need to have good teeth yourself! Any other examples?


To be a proctologist you don’t need to be an arsehole!

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