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Last Saturday evening two Russian plans arrived to Caracas. One with 35 metric tons of military hardware, the other with 100 Russian special force solders under the command of colonel Vasilij Tonkoskurov. Obviously American forces are needed there soon to control the Russian barbarians!

zesty 7 Mar 26

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Some people love to fantasize about stirring up Thermonuclear war. I'll never understand why. Unless this is the cumulative effect of watching too many 'action' movies?


Who is the Super Power now?

A win in Syria
A win in Iran
A win in America
A win now in Venezuela

Anyone that has the common sense not to vote in a narcissist imbecile as their president.


American fascist forces ready for a corporate take over are already there and stolen billions of Venezuelan money already.
The difference between the US and Russia? Countries invite Russia to assist in defending against imperial aggression. The US invites itself to spread its fucked up version of freedom and democracy. Russia are in Venezuela due to US aggression, pure and simple. No US aggression, no Russia.
US is the only one in step again, recognising Golan, like Jerusalem, is only accepted and applauded by one country, whose puppet dances well for Bibi.

Did you copy a paragraph from the 1950's young communist's handbook? Sure, sounds like it!

“Ulyanov-Lenin is looking at me from a portrait.

If I do something wrong, he judges me.

He fought for the revolution, he followed the Communism.

The people were tired of the capitalism’s grip.

In the country where it’s always sunny, in the country where it’s always raining

everyone will state, firmly:

Lenin is our favorite leader.”

@zesty In the US you watch TV. In soviet union, TV watches you.

An old joke but two relevant points;
The USSR died in 1991
Who's the joke on now in 2019?

@powder China?

@zesty guess again. But China fits the bill also, as does the UK.
Are these people barbarians too?

Venezuela's problems were caused by Venezuelan government. They long ago Nationalized their oil, yet ran out of money.


Trumpski is Putin’s girlfriend. I’m sure he can whisper in Putin’s ear and everything will be ok.

Putin’s strength is growing in the Western Hemisphere. The Russians have already built a base in Nicaragua. The pussy in the White House won’t do a thing. He’s obsessed with a dead hero right now and multitasking is not something he’s good at.


Why would we bother our battleships are now equipped with laser cannons just a flip of a switch and less than 2 seconds a target is vaporized.

Lol Out of line of sight. The gravity of the situation is not strong enough to bent the light trajectory!

@zesty Line of sight does not matter with an Azimuth trajectory they can nail a flea on a camels butt at an oasis in the Gobi desert.

@azzow2 OH!


Wow that is a disgusting post

Forget the post! Concentrate on the goddam Putin clown's actions.

@zesty why

@zesty more war-mongering at cocktail hour?

@Amisja Would you like to the murdering KGB thug to take over South America? Didn't he killed enough people in the UK lately?

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