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Should something be done about this? CEOs earn 339 times more than their employees. []

ToolGuy 9 Mar 27

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Yes. I think if a corporation can afford to pay a CEO that much then they shoudl be taxed at a higher rate.


Some people are drivers of the economies, ideas and society. They should be rewarded for that, but there is a limit or else revolution at some point will break out.
Perhaps in the Capitalist world the rich should be taxed upon assets, not income. Society becomes less happy when there is a huge disparity between haves and have nots.
In the USA, wealth is worshiped above all else, but the masses are denied access to it by the rich, who then indoctrinate the masses into believing that taxation of their riches would be terrible, as socialism is theft of private property.
There is a balance point, look at Japan for an example.

We're way beyond rationalizing such extreme income and wealth and power imbalances as somehow deserved. It's a little like the sticker shock in moving from Arizona ($1,600 a year in property taxes) and New York ($11,000 a year on the same size and age house). New York schools and infrastructure are just not approaching 7x better than Arizona. Maybe 1.5x at best. Same goes for the top innovators and rich people (not at ALL the same thing BTW): they just aren't 339 x more deserving.

You are correct that some combination of revolution or tyranny will soon be the result.


Yes. Long brick wall, optional blindfold, and lots and lots of bullets. Some things are best solved with the second ammendment.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 27, 2019

And they LOVE their Trumpy!


Ah but they work so very hard!

Seriously, it's immoral. I wonder what the average wage might look like, in a bank for example, if the CEO got paid twice the average wage.

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