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If your a UK citizen and haven't signed this yet, now is the time. []

Savage 7 Mar 27

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Not a chance here either, 51% of those who bothered to vote wanted out, if you didn't vote, tuff!
Any party that can get more than 50% of the vote by joining with another party in a general election wins, if you wish to change that then lets push for proportional representation, but that's another story.
Another thing, once we are out, keep pressure on government to maintain food standards or we will be eating American rubbish.

Voted on lies. If it had been mandatory instead of advisory, the high court would have stopped it. Looks like it's failing, though for me and many others the damage is done. It destroyed my family, my health and my future. If it did go through, I would be at war. Just saying. When you have nothing left to lose all you want is revenge. Lucky I'm not some sort of bad ass, of fuck, I forgot, I'm exactly that.


Not a chance.

Do you believe a cheat should be allowed to win????

@Savage what I believe or do not believe is my business. why people make assumptions and generalise, judge people for having different views is beyond me. If you don't walk in someone else's shoes you cannot know what makes them make the choices they make.

@Dippyhippy It was a very simple question. Yet you focus on a word, "Believe". OK Do you "think" cheats should be allowed to profit from cheating? Again, real simple question.


Bloody 'ell watching the numbers go up! I signed last week.




Signed, made sure my kids signed, my Dad, my sister, her partner and everyone I know!

I even got my 84 year old mother to sign and she can't/won't use a computer.

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