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I'm in the process of inviting a Mormon, Baptist, and Jahovahs Witness to my home and have them all question each other. I'm going to film it and I will be posting it online. I will also be asking socratic style questions to all three and have them engage about their different answers. This should be fun.

Darkthorn13 4 Mar 27

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A Mormon, a Baptist and a JW walk into a videographer's house ...


For the Jehovah, how many places in heaven are there, and how many left? Is there a quota? And what happens when it is full? Do souls get chucked out?
For the Baptist, What happened to all of those souls that could never have heard the word of Jesus because of Geography, time or mental condition? If we are made in Gods image, are we the best he could do, only we don't last long and wear out quick.
And the Mormon, Jo Smith, he was making it all up wasn't he. Got caught by the wife playing away from home - God said. Then those stones that only he could translate - err God did it. Give me your money - God says so!


Good, good... evil rubbing of hands


Good luck.

gearl Level 8 Mar 27, 2019
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