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Does anyone think it's odd that I've never played a video game?.. I grew up playing stringed instruments instead.

Mr-jdk 3 Mar 29

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At your age, no! Why would it be weird? If you were in your teens, twenties, or thirties, yes, that would be weird! But I tried to keep my sons away from video games - busy with sports, scouts, pets, musical instruments, etc. But, as happens with their generation (30's), they were exposed to video games, and LOVED them!! I have played games before, but only with my son who is a computer person and has designed video games. I do it to spend time with him, not because I like the games!


I think you spent your childhood more productively than most.


Nope I grew up with Pinball. But I had friends with video games so tried now and then. I even have one or two on my computer and have a Wii at home.

And Skyrim on PC...


Don’t know that I have, either.. but my time with a guitar was equally brief 🙂

It’s ‘let’s walk’ & ‘let’s talk’ (and observe & appreciate nature) with me.

Varn Level 8 Mar 29, 2019

I rarely play electronic games, except for patience on the computer.
I don't like them.
I started playing guitar at 11 years old too, but to me every spare minute was spent reading, my one gaming indulgence was on visits to the seaside I liked to play Pinball, still do.
My wife is an enthusiastic player of World of Warcraft, which I like to hear since the music is so good, but have interest in playing myself.
But mostly when I look at the price of the blooming thins I just feel I could spend the money better elsewhere.


No, gaming culture didn't appeal to me. My son liked it, but my daughter had no interest in it. So it's a combination of opportunity and personal interest. 8 and 16 bit games were the norm when I came of age so the crudeness was no help.

If I were unattached and living alone I might explore No Man's Sky or something just to pass the time but when you're involved at all with people there's just no time or energy for it. I suppose it would matter whether your S.O. were into gaming and whether one could play some sort of multi player game together, etc. But gaming is such a time suck I'd be wary of it even if I were "flying solo".

In some hypothetical future games might become realistic, detailed, plausible and immersive enough that, in combination with VR technology, one might have to make the existential judgment whether a sufficiently enjoyable alternate universe is more habitable than the real one. Just as today some people choose not to live life without the aid of mind-altering substances.


I haven't played one in many years. I played a few when I was little on the Sinclair ZX81 and Spectrum (and learned to write code for them, too), but they never interested me much and I far preferred riding my bike. I played more when the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Master Systems came out, but they always seemed boring too and I couldn't really understand why people spent so much time playing them. My sister, who was far more into them, got a first-gen Playstation when they first went on sale so I tried a few games on that too, but once again I couldn't see the point. That would have been about 1995; I haven't played one since.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 29, 2019

Nope. I never played a "video game" either!


I never played a video game either and my partner makes the damned things.


Yes, me too. Although I played Tetris at work sometimes.

Tetris is not a video game - it's a highly addictive drug!

@Jnei Yes, developed in Russia and offered free to engineers who promptly fell into its net.

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