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We migrants are not burdens in the UK as a whole. We British Asians form 4% of the British population but we are contributing 6% into the British GDP. We would have been booted out of the UK if we were contributing 2% into the GDP. The data is clear. We are not burdens. Most of us come here empty handed with family burdens back home, yet we do better than the average natives. So, think again when you consider us less deserving citizens. We love the UK no less than the natives as we have been proving that. Now if you want to talk about integration then leaders like me are working towards that. We will fix it as well. Bear with us. We are part of the national building blocks as well.

mufassil 5 Mar 29

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I don’t think you will find anyone from the U.K., here on this site, who disagrees with you. There are a lot of racists in the UK, it pains me to say, but I doubt if any are here on Agnostics. I know that most British Asians are very hardworking taxpayers, who contribute plenty to our country, so it’s not necessary to explain that.


Don't forget the cultural contribution to the UK. Words, art and of course food. I had some curry earlier, now I'm wearing my pajamas and live in a bungalow. Then a drop of lassy to start the day in the morning.

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