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Let me propose a hypothetical.
When Obama opened the connections with Cuba, the country had been suffering economically for the last 60 years. They were hungry for relief from the economic constraints and presuures imposed upon them by the US in response to Fidel Castro.

If we had allowed the normal flow of goods into the country to continue, and Trump had not shut off the economic spigot, the Cuban people would have become willing capitalists. They were that hungry for new goods and services. Raul Castro is not his brother and was much more pliable. Once the govrrnment of Cuba has tasted the influx of new goods it would have nearly impossible for
Raul or any leader to reverse the capitalistic trend.

Now here's the real hypothetical. Cuba and Russia are the two countries propping up Maduro in Venezuela. Is Cuba engaging in Venezuela 's internal concerns in response to Trump's reversing their opening just after they had a taste of economic relief and hope. Is Raul possibly motivated by Trump's precipitous actions?

Had we kept them open and fed them the goods they so desparately desired and would be enjoying, they would have thought twice about involving themselves in Venezuela for fear of having that spigot shut off by the US.

Had Cuba not gotten involved due to this fear of sanction would Russia have hesitated in getting involved. Would Russia not have been encouraged to ignore the Monroe Doctrine? If so, would not Maduro's government not already have collasped?

The implications of this hypothetical suggests that Trump's lack of foreign policy acumen and his refusal to listen to those around him who do have the knowledge and acumen has created an unnecessary situation. He lost his opportunity to make Cuba a capitalist or quasi-capitalist country and an ally (albeit reluctant, but economically dependent). Would this then not have headed off Russia incursion into Venezuela, with Russia seeing too high a risk without a partner in the hemisphere (Cuba)?.

t1nick 8 Mar 31

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We don't have a populace who looks at the world in terms of global politics with a minority of exceptions.

We surely don't have a potus who understands the repercussions of his actions on many levels...

That is the easiest way to look at it. I think many of these maneuvers are intentional while appearing stupid

@btroje Certainly true enough as one never knows for certain, so mine is not a fair assumption.

He is a master at distract and divert...

It is only when I hear this self inflated creature proclaim we have DEFEATED ISIS, which sounds so incredibly naive. One cannot defeat a centuries-long cultural belief system via temporarily conquering territories.

"See those red dots on the map, here" does not mean a thing!

@LetzGetReal I think we are in agreement. His statement about defeating ISIS is ignorant and I wonder how much he is trying to appeal to those less aware

@btroje INDEED.


I think you are confusing Socialism and Communism. Communism is state owned National production. Socialism is state supplied social assistance. The Republicans like to confuse the two.


Mosty Repugs but it goes across the aisle. 🤓


If one worries about the well being of Latin Americans then, obviously, the right action to take is to eliminate the influence of the catholic church and the equally damaging rule of socialist leadership.

zesty Level 7 Mar 31, 2019

Agree with the first point. Disagree with the second. I not sure a Socialist model might not work in some places. Capitalism is not monolithic, and neither is Socialism.

@t1nick If one defines the socialist model according to the classical Marxist interpretation "the means of production should be owned by the government" - this approach misses the human component. This is the reason the socialist government always try social engineering to create the socialist men. Does'n seem working.

@zesty Yes the Marxist model is troubledome. But gorm of government ever operated based on its textbook definition. Socialism is not or need be monolithic. Democratic Socialism is a comprimise that has substantial merit.

@t1nick How do you define democratic socialism?

@zesty. This sums up my definition I think my friend.

@t1nick Thank you for the definition. I see a huge problem here: "The system is driven by people working together and lifting each other up". How do you get these people? What happens to the rest of the society, people who don't work together and wish to push each other down? Reeducation camps? I think this system could work for me but it is illusorical. I don't want to sound cynical, but it is a very important question.

@zesty Your cynicism is understandable given th etimes we are going through. Its lilke the people who insist "trickle down economics works". They all depend on the better nature of individuals and collectives and histroy shows that this type of altruism and cooperation is in short supply in humans. We can accept the flawed system we have, complain and belly ache or try something different that might work for a loarger segment of our society. Giving 90% of the countries wealth to jus 1% isn't exactly a satisfactory system either.

@t1nick Yes, however history shows that the proposed system may end in a disaster, exactly as happened in all countries trying social engineering.

@zesty Perhaps, but if don't keep trying how we ever get it right. Capitalism is not a natural system either, it is its own form of social engineering.

@t1nick LOL, yes. But capitalism is based on what we are now. Selfish, individualistic and sometimes considerate people. For the system you are proposing to function people must basically change.

@zesty. agreed unfortunately

@t1nick These social experiments are very dangerous! When I was a biomedical researcher working with monkeys (I wrote the code) we paid more attention to the well being of animals than some politicos to the well being of an entire nation.

@zesty. That's not hard to believe.

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