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If you could make a law, what would it be? I, personally would introduce a maximum wage law, so that a CEO would not make ridiculous amounts of money while employees work for peanuts.

Teslacoilsmith 6 Mar 4

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Never been lawman or lawmaker.


I agree with your proposal. I would make it illegal for any individual to be a billionaire. The maximum personal wealth of any individual would be fixed at 500 million. If they can't live on that, there are just not trying. Or they have to economise. Surplus wealth to be applied to socially desirable outcomes. For billionaires who claim they wouldn't have any motivation, I say, wait a minute, you always say you don't do it for the money, right? It's always the challenge, you say. So, here's your chance to prove it.


I don't know if I would classify it as a law, but I suppose a law would have to be made in order for it to happen. I would have an overhaul of our tax system. To many large loopholes for people with big wealth and tax lawyers. Too many forms also. I remember years ago going in to the post office at a military base I was stationed at overseas, and seeing a multitude of different types of forms that would be used for preparing your tax returns. A simplified tax system would be in order, in my opinion.
Guess I'd have to throw in government spending too. Too much of our tax dollars go to idiotic things.
Didn't mean to get all political.
I agree with your comment on CEOs. The people in the top of corporations made a god awful amount of money. Should they make so much when they cut corners on the employees who sometimes are barely getting by? I would think not.


Telling the TRUTH would be mandatory, and lying would have severe penalties, for all public officials and businesses/corporations!


Great law dude!

I would create a law making it manditory that all presidential candidates release taxes, take a lie detector test and be interrogated by the very intelligence community they will head.


I like that law! Crazy that CEOs make salaries hundreds of times more than their employees.

Mine would be an immediate ban on assault weapons in every state in the union. No one outside of the military or law enforcement needs weapons of war.


If for every million dollars of earnings one of these fat somebitches make someone else got $35k of it there would be no poverty.

Except the executives aren't really the problem. The truly privileged wouldn't lower themselves to do any work whatsoever.


This would be in an effort to eliminate 'dark' money and corporate campaign contributions that effectively purchase our elected and appointed officials. To be truely enforcable, it would probably need to be a constitutional amendment.

All political campaigns are paid for by government funds with draconian auditing and restrictions on them, all individual campaign donations are capped at $1000 per person per campaign cycle, no campaign donations from non-individuals (i.e. Corporations, non-profits, Lobbyists, etc.). All government officials are banned from accepting any form of gift, gratuity or runemeration, all violations come with expulsion from office and a permanent ban from running for office again.

All candidate PACs or SuperPACs would also be eliminated.

All campaign advertising must be funded by the campaign. Private organizations can run issue advertisements, but they cannot mention any candidates. Religious officials are banned from endorsing or rejecting a candidate from their position of religious authority, and religious organizations are not allowed to endorse or reject a candidate.


Raise minimum wage for sure. The law I want is no religion in the schools.

  1. That Congress had to pay into Social Security & have the exact same insurance, while in office, as their low income constituency.
  2. term limits for all positions in Congress-2 terms & thats it.
  3. any time there is no balanced budget, ALL members of the House & Senate are ineligible to run for a 2nd term.
  4. "retirement" from political office means the paycheck stops & the retiree lives off savings & Social Security. Residual income from investments & political speaking are taxed & considered income, reducing Social Security & Medi-care benefits according to rule/law.

I could go on....


Get money out of politics




I wouldn't limit what someone can make, but I would make it a law that employees should make a certain percentage of what the CEO makes. It would have to be tinkered with of course, depending on the job within the company that the employee holds, but that would organically solve paying employees enough and not paying CEOs too much, I think.


you noticed that?


I think that is a great idea. It has been making the rounds on Facebook for months.


It's easy to say that as a worker, but if you were pushing to become a CEO, what would be the incentive to get there if your pay was capped?

@WizardBill Not saying it's right or wrong, that's what the private company chose to do to in order to hire or retain their CEO.

You are what's killing America.

@Lysistrata Bold claim with little input. Seems extreme.

@slayer1am Yes. The extreme ones are the ones proposing limits to prevent exploitation.

@WizardBill Sarcasm


Socialized medicine

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