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men that come on to you for sex and don't really want to know you

JudiArmbruster 4 Apr 7

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Just use them for sex!

zesty Level 7 Apr 8, 2019

It is interesting that the women here more often feel used in that situation and men just make fun of my comment, I am no femme fatale but I am easy on the eyes as if that means I am easy - NO! I left a narcissist and a person that just didn't get what affection means to me. Seems in our society today people are afraid of genuine affection - afraid of being accused of sexual harassment or something. Like Joe Biden, what a sad lot humans are becoming. - My indicator is the knuckle bump - minimum physical contact. Give me a warm handshake any day.


I have been with women who only wanted me for sex. IT WAS GREAT!!!


Not a problem so long as both people involved are ok with it.


...make me feel unwanted and unloved and I refuse to ever again be used that way.


...are a waste of my time.


... are horn dogs. Flush.

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