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In Islam, a person does not have the right to his individuality apart from being answerable to Allah for his actions in copying the prophet in every aspect of life. How to think and what to think, what to do and how to do - all are dictated. A man looks at the mirror and wants to emulate the beard of the prophet. From what to wear to what to eat are dictated by Islam. An individual's individuality is destroyed by the order of killing his rational mind. He is only allowed to accept the one sided evidence provided by Allah and reflect on that simply by engaging the mental gymnastics to eventually accept it. Chapter 21 verse 23 of the Quran: "Not He (can) be questioned about what He does, but they will be questioned."

By mufassil5
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Interesting premise, a person or man does not have a right to their individuality---. False premise and Allah is a myth.

Marktzu Level 6 Apr 14, 2019

Abraham's goat herder's guide to the galaxy. Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all equally fucked in the head.
The 3 stooges Whoop whoop whoop

powder Level 8 Apr 9, 2019

Well this is not unique to Islam. Conformity is the primary mechanism by which religion works.

mordant Level 8 Apr 9, 2019

p.s. people who are prominent in their fields do not call themselves the most prominent in their fields.

genessa Level 8 Apr 9, 2019

Yes often do. Muhammad Ali did say he was the greatest in his field and he was. My prominence is beyond question and do not underestimate me as I take time to write and post in this platform. Even my Skype has 14k+ contacts. Know about me first.

@mufassil i do not care to know about you. even if everything you brag about is true, bragging is still obnoxious. it's okay to toot one's own horn. tooting it incessantly, and in everyone's ear, isn't much fun for anyone but the tooter.



how is this different from other religions? and how is the behavior of the ordinary muslim, like the ones i know, who are individuals, different from that of the ordinary christians i know, who are individuals? if you judge everyone who is affiliated with a religion by what that religion's holy book says, you will believe that people are stoned to death and beheaded on a daily basis in the western world. cherrypicking bible verses always annoys us; since when is it okay to cherrypick quran verses?


genessa Level 8 Apr 9, 2019

Cherrypicking ? Do you know Islam? I know Quran inside out and had preached that for 35 years before leaving that cult. I was the guest of honour at Medina University many times at KSA. I was also a regular speaker at London based Islam TV. Who are you trying to lecture on cherrypicking? No other scripture gives a damn about how you get blessings from doing things exactly the way how their founders used to do beginning with earring shows and ending with taking a piss. No other religion will count blessings and curses like that.

@mufassil The specific mechanisms and emphases and the application of them of course differ between religions, but at a meta level, conformity is the name of the game in all of them.

That conformity might come via -- oh, I don't know -- say, some teacher claiming to be an unquestionable authority whose every assertion must be unquestioningly accepted, because how dare you question them?!

Or it might come via made-up concepts like "sin" used as a fulcrum of shame and guilt.

Or it might come via claiming to mediate the only path to eternal life or other forms of divine favor.

More authoritarian forms of religion impose more draconian and invasive control, but there are limits. Islam might tell someone how to take a piss but 99.999999% of all urination events are private, so ... who is going to sanction the errant pisser? Seems like a complete waste of time to me.

@mordant No they are not the same. When there are clear instructions on how to do one what to do then you don't even need the mind to consider what is sin and what is not. Just accept or reject and commit sin/blessing. The Hadiths are clear, the simple question is whether I am even allowed to question or not. Answer is "no" ! I must be allowed to dare to question.

@mufassil oh, if i disagree with you i am lecturing? feh. whatever. i see you're not worth my time.



Really sucks!

zesty Level 7 Apr 9, 2019
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