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Trump is going ‘mad!’ Insane mad! In a press conference today he said, that he ‘may have to call up more military to the southern border,’ but ‘they can’t act as they normally act,’ ‘ because if they get a little rough everybody will go crazy,’ ...’they have all these horrible laws that the Democrats want change they want change them.’ ‘They will pay a price in 2020,’ he said all this at a press conference today! This man cannot be sitting as the American President and behaving this insane...this must not be happening in real time? (The Daily Beast)

Freedompath 9 Apr 10

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"They can't act as they normally act." WTF. I'm offended as having served. I believe I understand his meaning and it is bullshit.

Apparently, trump thinks there should be tear gas or even shooting! That is what a military usually does! The man wants to shoot people it sounds like?


He’s the same nutcase he’s always been. Only next time, those having wasted their votes will realize, ‘it can happen.’

Varn Level 8 Apr 10, 2019

We can only hope trump can’t hold up for the duration...I can’t trust voters that think this president was not given a chance! And his ‘cult,’ numbers are steady in the 40% range! How can that many people not have some exposure to the mentally ill or people with dementia?

@Freedompath The answer to your question has less to do with whether or not his supporters think he is fit or unfit for the job. We have become a reality TV game show country - this is just tRump's latest version of celebrity apprentice. The mentality among the population supporting him is that they must "win" the all costs! Never mind if it divides families, destroys relationships, alienates old friends. 😟 ;(

@Lavergne YES!!!


Insane situations require insane responses.

zesty Level 7 Apr 10, 2019

May I ask in your estimate what, oh, what should that include?

I have been struggling to come up with anything...?

@bandit321 Immigrants invasion, new green deal, etc.

@Novelty ...if I thought an end was in sight, I would just hide out until it was over, mainly because I am in information overload! But, it seems more like...even Congress is ‘tip toeing’ around just making statements, of ‘concern!’ I can’t figure it out...?


sounds par for the course which of course still plants me in full agreement with you

But, we have a government that has 3 equal branches...where is the keep checks and balances?

@Freedompath We’ve one third back, he’ll be shut down on many ventures. But with his parties financial enablers wallowing in their massive tax (social responsibility) cuts … the propaganda mills will be running overtime ~

@Freedompath we need to take the senate too


Has been "quite mad" for some time now !

For certain! But, why can no one get a handle on this very very deranged man?

@Freedompath Many seem to have a handle on him - but no one with power seems willing to put the brakes on his endlessly awful decisions and behavior ! Damn.


2020 is too far away.

You have that right!!!


What do you mean by "going mad". He is MAD no doubt about it.

For certain!


Trump respects no laws...except the ones that he thinks can we save America from this CRIMINAL! What is wrong with the other parts of our government...that holds the other 2/3rds...this has never happened with other Presidents!


He is absolutely insane..

Yes he is.

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