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Pat "Christian Sharia Law" Robertson

dokala 7 Apr 11

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Sometimes even this guy has a good idea!

zesty Level 7 Apr 11, 2019

I hope you are joking, but there could be a place in the government for him. The US has been "taking out" foreign leaders for decades.

@Moravian So what? It is much better to take out a dozen dirty killer politicos than sending in an army with all the known consequences.

@zesty So you were serious. I think you should look a bit nearer home for "dirty politico killers "

@Moravian Yes, I'm serious. I know, we need to change some laws to make it fully legal, but assassinating foreign socialist politicians, in my opinion, is a much better idea that to start a war.

@zesty I'm sorry, I couldn't possibly reply to that without insulting you so as I don't believe in blocking people I will be ignoring all your posts from now on


When is this fossil going to go join his fellow fossils?
He's my pick for the dead pool.

He is a dinosaur . A throwback to the 1950s... oh wait a southern white man. My mistake. Smh

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