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Lady driving an SUV chooses to cross four lanes of traffic, mount the curb and a 10 foot hill, just to take out my front steps (cos people? that's a CHOICE). I can only imagine she wasn't keen on the color...
#badday #stoptexting #learnhowtodrive #wheresmyapology? #fourlanes?

Kattywampus69 8 Apr 12

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Who was driving the porch at the time? Did the porch have its parking break on? How fast was the porch going at the time? Why did the porch pull out on the SUV?
I'm sure you'll encounter these questions by her insurers


MOST LIKELY she worked for the cut rate construction company your mom hired to replace her steps. And they figured THIS is a lot cheaper than renting a jack hammer and compressor.


I am sure you needed new steps, those ones you had started to look a bit old.


Glad you're ok


Sounds like she was drunk or otherwise incapacitated. Hope no one was hurt.


Had a drunk miss the stop sign, turn the corner right into my parked car. Insurance refused to pay w/o 1st proving he was an uninsured motorist. Go figure.


Was this a whiskey choice?

Sorry that happened. Sucks. Hopefully no one was on the porch when she landed.

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