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I was just wondering how many declared "Believers" are really atheists pretending to believe. I think the huge. There are oodles f reasons, from shame to game. All religions and churches are con games and con men run con games ipso facto all leaders are atheists. When you really consider the wacky shit spelled in any religious text only a truly deluded person could believe it. So I think most of them are fakers. I've been an atheist almost all my life. No religion in my upbringing..But for about five years I got sucked into joining a church. There is a principle that says "if you spend enough time at a car dealer your gonna buy a car" . So for maybe six to nine montHs of the five years I became deluded enough to think I believed.I;would like to hear from any ex-fakers out there. If you share your reasons it would be cool... ... . .

By Casey076
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As near as I can tell, virtually all of the pastors, preachers, and leaders are really Atheist but pushing the con for money. Look at what they project to see what they really know to be true about themselves and their con.

Detritus Level 6 Apr 16, 2019

Religion is pretend. Everybody is pretending to believe absurd nonsense.

mongo1977 Level 6 Apr 15, 2019

No faker here, only atheist. But that’s brilliant commentary.. To me, it’s the real reason they ‘hate us,’ because we’ve the courage they lack. A close second hatewise, are other religions, because when analyzed - they’re all wrong.

Varn Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

I may have some of the details wrong, but I think it is in one of Dan Barker's books where he recounts a story of a prominent televangelist who was asked in private if he actually believed all this crap. The televangelist said something like, "Well, it's too late to back out now."


I was agnostic for most of my life starting in middle school. I didn't subscribe to any organized religion because I felt all were too controlling and manipulative. I guess you could say that I was a faker while being in church as I just went along with what ever church I was attending at the time. I was never a "crusader" for any church, nor any religion. I always felt my beliefs were mine alone, and I wasn't going to push them onto someone. My pretense was based on a need to belong, to have friends, to fill a social need, so I pretended to fit in and be accepted. I've moved a lot in my life and church was always a means to find friends and social activities.

I think the majority going to church are pretenders, but for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons I believe people pretend to be believers:

  1. Expectations-doing it because others expect it
  2. Routine-just doing the same thing over and over again, just "going with the flow"
  3. Denial-not wanting to admit they bought into this con for so many years
  4. Professional/Career Expectations-as a part of my professional career I am expected to show "service"; many professionals I work with meet this expectation through their associations with churches; I don't, but most of those I work with do; surprisingly, I work for a state/gov't education institution that is suppose to be church and state separate, yet we have "service" responsibility that seems to push most toward churches
  5. The "What if" game-people who don't have enough confidence to accept what their eyes and brains tell them about religion and god.
  6. Fear of alienation and rejection-being shunned by family and friends (basically your social circle) for not believing.
  7. Child Raising Fear-I've seen friends who have nothing to do with church suddenly are all about church when they start raising children. It's like they depend on the church to do what they feel insecure about in terms of behavior management, discipline, and punishment
linxminx Level 7 Apr 14, 2019, insightful. Thank you for compiling that. I’ve witnessed #7 too many times among friends. I’d feel so sorry for their children. So, daddy got to run wild, now you pay the price?


I don't think that it is a simple either/or, a lot are cherry pickers, who, believe yes, but make it easy for themselves by just ignoring the bits they don't like. It is quite possible to genuinely believe a vague deism/spirituality and believe that being a church member puts you in touch with that, without thinking that more than one percent of your holy book is true. The trouble with that though, is that of course it creates a happy safe home for the fundamentalist. Where sheltered by passive acceptance they can swim and plot without challenge, and it is therefore why even the most vague spiritualism is harmful.

Fernapple Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

I do think there a lot of "pretenders" out there faking it or posing as Christians (as well as many hypocrites) just so they can fit in with mainstream society and more easily get ahead in employment, business, etc. by trading on the credential of being Christian in the US. It would be hard to measure because it's really hard to get most people to admit the truth about themselves, even in anonymous surveys, if the subject is something they feel shame or embarrassment about, such as being dishonest or lying about their beliefs.


I would express it differently. I think many so-called believers are religious only in the sense of the habit, ritual and identity of religion, and not in any real sense to the claims and beliefs of religion. Press them on their religion and you get little more than a simple summary of religious clichés. The doubts they have are internized or ignored because the actual beliefs are not that important in the first place. Huge numbers of people like this make up the numbers in religion, in my opinion. I wouldn't call them atheists, exactly, but notionally religious people based on habit and intellectual laziness.

David1955 Level 7 Apr 14, 2019

There are loads for various reasons, many politicians too, but then it's all pretense...

RichieO Level 7 Apr 14, 2019

I've always thought the same, though I assumed it's because of not-thinking rather than being a willing part of a con-game... confirmation bias for members of extreme sects extends to their whole life so it must be hard to escape, but the same is true of atheists since our rationale of science and logic tends t be self-confirming when the world as we know it depends on the same. I think the numbers of the genuinely religious of any faith or of the genuinely atheist in non-religious countries, are around 10-20% and that usually is a phase (often adolescent or mid-life crisis) which then sometimes sticks.

Allamanda Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

I have tried my damnedest to believe. Raised in Baptist schools and churches, with a father who was a deacon, I believed, as a small child, that I personally was responsible for putting an innocent man to death on a cross. It was horrifying! I asked Jesus into my heart, likely, thousands of times! When I studied Aboriginal culture in South Australia in 1996, it got me thinking that my indoctrination up to that point was hogwash. I have been searching for truth ever since, but what is so great about the Baptist's take on the heaven and hell program, is 'once saved, always saved,' so if per chance I'm wrong for going astray, I have this safety net of 'getting saved' a bazillion times to catch me, like coffee grounds on a cheesecloth strainer! Well, you get my point.

Swanky Level 6 Apr 14, 2019

It's interesting that you mention the "once saved, always saved." That single idea is what started me down the path of questioning christianity. In 7th grade my best friend and I got into a wicked fight about this topic. I argued that people could not possibly still be saved after committing a horrible crime like murder. We almost lost our friendship, but agreed to not agree. This idea, plus the fact that a christian idea/belief caused me to almost lose my best friend made me wonder at the validity of all this religious stuff.

Fast forward into recent years and a previous boss of mine who was southern baptist and subscribed to the "once saved, always saved" belief showed me that christianity was indeed just a lot of crap. She was the single most evil person I have ever encountered in my life. Describing her as a sociopathic abusive bully is too nice. I remember thinking "if I have to be in heaven with her, I choose the other place." And, with that, I let it all go.

Christianity is a used-car salesperson mentality. They say what you want to hear to get you to buy into them so they can manipulate and use you for their own personal agenda.

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