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In charleston on the Gullah cultural tour. This is the AME church where Dylan Ruffe in cold blooded murder slaughtered black American children, women and men. Wonderful tour. The guide speaks gullah and has an incredible library of knowledge.

By Bigwavedave7
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I had never heard of Gullah until I read Pat Conroy’s The Water is Wide. He quickly became my favorite author and I fell in love with the area. Even though I still haven’t been to the Carolinas

Marcie my favorite author as well . New author just wrote where the crawdads sing . Lovely book. You should read it.

@Bigwavedave Where the Crawdads Sing has come up numerous times on my Goodreads notifications, I’ll add it to my to-read list!

I actually got to meet Pat Conroy at a reading he did up here!


It is a beautiful area. There is very much a rich history and culture from so many sides. I live in Bluffton about an hour and a half from there and the connection to the tides on the marsh and the smells of the dirt and the sky that can't seem to decide what it wants to do. I am smitten.

I love it.

@Bigwavedave And I was pretty much raised a ridge runner in the Appalachian foot hills of eastern Ohio.

Took awhile to adapt to the flat lands. The proximity to rivers and marshes is soothing to me more than living in the more western areas of GA was.

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