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I thought I would share some pictures of my new home in Colorado

By DavidGreen16
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nice is there a house or are you building?

No there is a house I took the pictures of the land to share with my boys they live with their mother on Denmark.



zesty Level 7 Apr 14, 2019

Even more so when the sun goes down the stars are so bright here


nice! Is the altitude sickness getting better?

Allamanda Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

Not yet still struggling with it but I got some aspirin today so seems to be a bit better

@DavidGreen1 I had a bad case of altitude sickness when I moved to Colorado and started marking timber for the FS from 8-11,000 ft. Splitting headache, tunnel vision, weakness, nausea. Drink LOTS of water and try to eat regular even if you are nauseous. I got over it in 2 weeks, and passed my fire fighting physical, but the bad memories remain.

@CrazyQuilter yeah my mother said it will pass funny thing is last time I moved here I did not get this sick

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