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I had my first door knocker as an Atheist. I was a bit disappointed, because they didn't knock loud enough to wake me up. They left there literature between my doors and left. I wanted to see there expression on their face when I told them im an Atheist. Even tell them to fuck off if I had courage to do so. I tore the dogma up and pitched it in the trash. Which was kind of a thrill.

freedom41 8 Apr 14

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Get your own back. Push some blank pages through their letterbox and when they say but there's nothing there, shout back "that's right. I'm an atheist"


Eh, I get no kick out of being mean to the door-to-door religion salesmen. I've found that most of them think they're doing a good thing - they're obviously wrong, but wrong can still come from a good place. I don't entertain their nonsense, but I've found that a good "thanks but no thanks, have a good day," works as well as anything else. Plus, it doesn't foster the already prevalent misconception that atheists are a bunch of assholes.


But it does sound like you need a life if that was a tiny thrill for you! Lol


#1: Why should their expressions give you any satisfaction?

#2: Why tell anyone to "fuck off," even the JWs or other door knockers? Kindness is becoming a lost art, and saying "No, thanks," and closing the door firmly should suffice. Personally, I like to discuss issues with them, but I am never rude.

#3: If you got a thrill from tossing their dogma, maybe you should reevaluate your "purpose" in being an atheist.


When I was a JW, we used to be all over the place all the time. I never see my old buddies doing door-to-door anymore.


Glad it was a thrill... did you think you'd go to hell before?

No i went ritual bs when I was a believer. I did have a family imply i go there if I became an Catholic. Plus I can't go imaginary places when i die.

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