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Is 0.999.... = 1

Vibrant_Brant 4 Apr 15

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Here's something just a little more fun


@irascible LMFAO


See video above and Wiki link above.

@Vibrant_Brant Ok. I am persuaded.


What is the difference, and I mean that literally.

Correct, there is literally no difference. You get a ⭐️

0.0000000.........1. does not equal 0, does it, just because we have no particular way to describe it?

0.99999999..... forever approaches 1, but never reach it.


That depends.

Depends on what?

@irascible See video above and Wiki link above.

@Vibrant_Brant On who wants to know.

@Jolanta Just knew this would get engagement, how else am I going to level up? Use "real" critical thinking skills and have civil discussions? Maybe even be supportive to those who may be struggling after coming out of their faith? Nah... I'm too silly for all that 😜 (honestly, I'm sure I'll be doing all those things as well, in time)

@irascible it doesn't matter if I do or not, that'd be a personal belief and I tend to stick with the scientific consensus on matters such as this.

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