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I have had several major issues all at once go wrong in my life this morning. This has made me frustrated and very angry. This anger and frustration does me no benefit at all. So I am doing deep breathing along with peaceful imaging in my mind to calm myself. I can only work thru these issues with a calm and clear mind which can focus. I will attain this mind set and I will work thru these issues in the most positive and production manner that I am able to bring myself to. I extend my best and most positive wishes to all of this community and the world surrounding it.

creative51 8 Apr 15

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In the feels. Hope it comes out in the wash.


UPDATE, things are still sort of f ' d up, but starting to work themselves out. Got to remember life is a journey not a destination. Thanks for all the support. Hope all of you have a good day tomorrow.


good luck. it may sound trite, but everything in this life comes down to luck/chance/fortune; whatever anyone chooses to call it.


Big hugs my friend. This shall pass.


Good karma back to you. Some days hey..breathe deeply. ✌


I'm sorry for you and wish you better moments.


I am sorry you are going through this, on the bright side, you do seem to have found a positive way to work though this.


Thinking peaceful and calming thoughts for you. ✌❤🤗

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