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No, we don't like environment-destroying pipelines, but we do like clean, renewable energy!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
That’s bc I like:
✅ Solar panels 🛰
✅ Turbines⚙️
✅ Battery Storage 🔋
✅ Electric Vehicles 🚛
✅ Regenerative Ag 🐄
✅ Jobs + Justice 🏗
✅ Funding fuel worker pensions👷🏽♂️
✅ Structuring our economy so it doesn’t depend on continuous extraction of working people & the planet 🌎

Manu Raju
"For some reason, Democrats don't like pipelines -- they don't like energy," Trump says in Minnesota, before pivoting to immigration. "Who do you think these countries are giving us -- they're not giving us their finest, I can tell you." He calls asylum seekers "a big con job"

jerry99 8 Apr 15

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‘She’ is likely an excellent indicator of ‘youth.’ Not wisdom, but a product of the Republican backed polarization of the nation. Decades ago, thoughtful politicians were accustomed to moderate, continuous advancement of various causes. Not no more..

Thanks to one parties radical lurches to the extreme ‘right’ (wrong), their opposites have emerged to do the same. It’s interesting to watch reactions to such extremes, if realizing, due to their extremism, odds are they’ll never get done in our lifetimes.

Varn Level 8 Apr 15, 2019

I may not agree with everything AOC proposes but I've read the Green New Deal and think most of it is pretty moderate and worth some serious analysis. And keep in mind that this is not just a product of her imagination but a serious piece of work from a number of people including Thomas Friedman, the UK Green New Deal, and the Green Party. So I'd like to know which of her proposals you think are extreme or radical. FWIW I don't think they go far enough on climate change which threatens our very existence.

Excuse me/ There is nothing extreme about having the brains and guts to admit that the current mode of this industrial unsustainable capitalist world is what is extreme. To not see that is extreme.

@jerry99 Haven’t read it, but have relied on friends better schooled on both the politics and reality of it who’ve concluded it’s extreme and will hand the ugly R’s additional ammo to shoot down Dem candidates. It’s not that I don’t want it to happen - it’s that for it to happen it must survive our radicalized political system. I don’t think it can, or will.

@Healthydoc70 is if you understand what it will take to implement it.. Bold, courageous & in-your-face works in some small pockets of ‘our nation,’ but in order to acquire a Congress capable enacting such ‘demands,’ it needs to get past the middle.

My comment had more to say about the state of US politics than the latest leftist talking point or demand/s. The nation does not need further polarization. Maybe it can not be reunited, and we’ll have to rely on the remainder of the world (for a change) to lead us.. But our latest flash-in-the-pan house rep. has a lot to learn, as do her cheerleaders ~

@Varn My point is that her proposals really are pretty moderate. Healthcare for all is not a wild-eyed radical position -- it's routine in most civilized countries. I agree that we we need to govern from the center -- it's just that our center has moved so far to the right that it's hard to remember how a reasonable government operates. I've posted a number of Green New Deal summaries on the [] group. Go take a look.


What a BS!

zesty Level 7 Apr 15, 2019
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