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Got a voice mail earlier regarding important information on my Subaru.
I should call back as soon as possible.

I have a Toyota, though.

Think its legit?

BufftonBeotch 8 Apr 17

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Yeah, it's legit! Just like the people who call me with ONE more chance to lower the interest on my VISA card. I don't have a VISA.






Had 2 subarus both gave me over 200,000 miles


Yes, they're all the same. Fine cars, though.


I got calls about my "student loan" for weeks. I finally got rid of them but it was not pretty. (I haven't had a student loan since 1989)



1of5 Level 8 Apr 17, 2019

Subaru all wheel drives are the safest...if it's not a air bag recall IT IS LIKELY A your local Subaru dealer to see if a recall is ongoing

I love my Toyota 5 Speed though.

...and Subaru is an expert at mini-movie commercials.


most Japanese cars have the same parts and many asian names are hard to pronounce . . probably legit LMAO

Yeah. I'll be paying it off shortly too.

@BufftonBeotch a car you own is so much better than a car you and the bank own isn't it?

@bookofmoron And in a couple weeks it will be.

@BufftonBeotch well done!


Not likely. Put the number in your search engine and see what comes up. Most likely a scammer.

I'm not even going to go through that much effort.

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