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So...I have had schizophrenia for a very long time. While it may not usually be the first thing I tell people about myself, I am still pretty open about it. What surprises me are the misconceptions that still exist. Many people still think I am going to stab them or that I am incapable of critical thought. Or my favorite, that it's the reason I'm gay and atheist. Does anyone else have any input or stories about their own perceptions/experience with mental illness? As a side note for anyone interested in learning more, there are some really good TED talks on youtube about schizophrenia.

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Thanks for the suggestion Collin. I am interested as I experience hallucinations and wonder what comonality there is between them.


Its the same as people thinking to be disabled you must be in a wheelchair.


Most people get all their knowledge of schizophrenia from criminal minds episodes. It's great that you are open about living with the condition. I've got PTSD and a big part of managing it for me was educating the people I'm close too so they can understand how it works. Like if I vanish into isolation, it's not personal, I'm just needing to be alone. I hope people around you learn from your experiences.


I applaud you & your bravery. I wish you the best. Just keep continuing to be the best you can be. I have my own struggles, although not the same as yours. Everyone does. I guess.


Interesting and enlightening post. Thank you. 🙂


I once knew a guy that was bi-polar, pranoid schetzophrenic (sp?). He went by Thomas Jefferson and was in love with Rose Kennedy. Funny guy when manic. Suxs when depressed.

Haha! Love it!


Love your posting of "The Scream." I have a copy of it hanging in my bedroom. Several years ago, it was one of the most expensive paintings ever sold at Sothbeys. I think it really resonates with most people. Who hasn't felt like that at sometime in their life? I suffer from panic disorder, clinical depression, and PTSD. I am not afraid of people with schizophrenia, perhaps because I know someone with it. She's the daughter of a friend of mine. She is extremely intelligent (a college graduate) and very sweet. Sometimes though, she stops taking her meds and although you can tell the changes in her personality, I've never think that she is going to kill me. Being someone with mental disorders myself, I am very disturbed about the stigma that is still attached to people with mental illness. You would think that by the 21st century, people wouldn't still be so ignorant. Our society needs to educate the public, especially parents, to recognize symptoms of mental illness in their children and to seek immediate professional help. I know that my mental disorders did not make me an atheist. Being sent to Catholic elementary and high school did that for me. Also, being gay is not considered a mental disorder by psychiatrists today. Thanks for your post.


I'm glad you are open about it, helps to get rid of the stereotypes


You are part of the 7 percentage that deal with very similar feelings. we humans have a collective weakness [ of 7 %]


Well, the being a gay atheist part I certainly relate to. If people disapprove, they will erroneously tie any number of issues together, "blaming" anything they see as negative on the other thing they Don't approve of.
I am an LCSW psychotherapist, too, and I absolutely see examples of what you mention, judgment from the uninformed.


I have Borderline Personality. Most people believe that means I have multiple personalities. It gets very tiring explaining that isn't what it is. Once I get that through their heads, I have to deal with the questions about whether or not I am just nuts or completely/dangerously nuts.


Well? Which are you?

Just nuts. At least I haven't killed anyone........ yet 😛

@kiramea Me far. Though I have met some people who....nevermind. 🙂

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