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Canada is the second country that totally Illegalized CBD & Low-THC cannabis use. With ten good reasons

The most important and productive plant in human history. The hemp part of cannabis species can produce 30,000 different products. The THC and CBD part should go for the price of corn rather than on up to $5000 a plant.

It is Not Marrijanna, that is a bogus name like your ID done in Capital letters, to sign on to Corperationism/Gov scams. Cannabis herbs and hundreds of other natural remedies are the most true treatment for cancer and many other diseases.

Legalization cannabis means...

  1. Less chemo, radiation and surgery. The kilos of cure rather than the ounces of natural medicines.
  2. Less violent crime, don't try to fight on cannabis, you will be too friendly and sharing.
  3. An exit drug - herb, not a gateway drug.
  4. Kids don't get a hold of it, till after age18.
  5. Police steal your property and ruin your life. A too easy way to police for profit.
  6. Hospitals rather than prisons. Imagine over a plant, oh, forget it's a mediciine too.
  7. Raids with gun shoot your dog or rape cannabis doctor.
  8. Free choice and right for life.
  9. Spend drug money on education dorms rather than jail cells. Go in with a bachelor's in pot, come out with PHD in cocaine or theif.
  10. Clinic for addiction, although coffee is more addicting. Rather be addicted to love.

Go figure, after the 3 biggest killers tobacco, prescribion drugs and alcohol. Cannabis has killed no one directly. Although the Goverment has proved, if you drop a 25pound bale of weed from a 10 story building, it can kill a rat

Castlepaloma 8 Apr 18

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  1. Cannabis does not cure cancer. PERIOD
  2. Society will be violent with or without cannabis.
    3..Age has never stopped kids from any drug, that includes alcohol, cannabis, or anything else.
    4.Age has never stopped kids from any drug, that includes alcohol, cannabis, or anything else.
  3. Police do not profit from ceasing your stuff or ruin your life. You ruin your own life by not obeying the law.
    6.There will always be a place in society for prison, cannabis being legal will not change that.
  4. Police only raid when you break the laws. You make your own choices either way..
    8.There has always been a choice, some chose to follow the law and others did not
  5. Drug money needs to be spent in delivering health services to all that need it. If you are so fucked up that you need drugs to function, you will need health care.
  6. Caffeine and cannabis both influenced the activities of the enzymes and neurotransmitters in the brain, "Both stimulants altered brain chemistry relative to the tested enzymes and neurotransmitters."
    They both have different effects on the body and mind.
  1. Cannabis is a treatment for cancer, better than radiation and chemo from my personal experience & research.
  2. More people are in prison for cannabis than all violent crimes combined. Go to a pot party you have very little to nil flights break out, maybe over the last pizza. At liquor parties a 50-50 chance of a fight either verbally or physically.
  3. legalization cannabis, like alcohol, under the age of 21 will lower access for kids than what is happening now. Proven by teenage users in Holland sch2 vs.Canada sch1.
  4. About 25% of the world's prisoners are in American jails. Grown 10 time in 40 years. My law & rules is simple to follow- :😀o not harm: it enhanced my life & freedom.
  5. Since Nixon, why spend a trillion $ to an un-justice system?
  6. Legalizing cannabis worldwide will stop much of ruining lives and their families. Police raids look like troops from Iraq. Authorities in history, kill and steal more from people than the public has..
  7. Cannabis will give more choices and heal the nation. Rather than destroy the nation from horrible side effects & from all that synthetic stuff. Have a better health care system grown in your backyard. Rather than trusting the largest cause of death in the world. The medical profession, GMO, pesticides, perseverivives and fructose added foods and synthetic Pharm corp.

Legalization in Colorado pros

  1. Dismantling Of The Black Market.
  2. Improved Quality & Safety Control
    3.Increased Tax Revenue.
  3. Gang-Related Drug Violent.
  4. Decrease violence and Allows Police & Courts To Focus On More Violent Crimes
  5. Availability Of Medicinal Cannabis been proven to treat a wide array of “untreatable” conditions including: Crohn’s disease Epilepsy Multiple sclerosis Migraines Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Cancer Problems due to chemotherapy Chronic pain Anxiety Inflammation Psychosis Insomnia Loss of appetite Nausea Seizures Nervous system degeneration High blood sugar Psoriasis Bone growth Bacterial growth.

There are cons, yet most often questionable.

@Castlepaloma You really have not done much research.


  1. Cannabis is not used to treat cancer, only the nausea from chemo. That is treating a side affect of medical intervention, not treating the disease.
    2.We are not discussing the laws in other countries. Only Canada. What happens around the planet is not relevant. In some countries you are jailed for being gay or a different religion, those laws are not relevant in Canada either.
  2. Kids have always found ways to access cannabis, cigarettes and alcohol. Making cannabis legal will not change any of that. When I was a teen in the 1960's, kids always had access to alcohol and weed.
    4.Again, what happens in the USA is not relevant to Canada, different country, different laws and ways of managing crimes.
  3. When you break the law, only you are responsible for your own behavior. You can destroy your own life any way you want, the choice has always been up to you to keep your own life on tract and stop blaming police for that. The authorities in Canada are not know to steal or kill unless justified. Your attempt to continually blame them is bogus.
  4. No nation has been destroyed by illegal drugs. So again stop blaming the behavior of a few on the behavior of many.
    Of adults 26 or older who used marijuana before age 15, 62% went on to use cocaine at some point in their lives; 9% went on to use heroin at least once; and 54% made some non-medical use of mind-altering prescription drugs. As well. In 2005, 242,200 emergency room visits in the United States involved marijuana. So it is not as benign as you claim it is.
  5. Cannabis only give citizens ONE more choice, not many choices. That choice is to use it or not. The exact same choice we always have had.
    Image result for what is the leading cause of death
    Ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the world's biggest killers, from eating meat, accounting for a combined 15.2 million deaths in 2016. ... Lower respiratory infections remained the most deadly communicable disease, causing 3.0 million deaths worldwide in 2016. Cannabis does nothing for that as it is primarily caused by poor eating habits, lack of a healthy life style, no exercise and obesity.


I consider atheist group generally masters at bio science and ethical. What really baffles me, is that most of the etheist on this post can not be more died wrong about cannabis health benefits and legalization.

By Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights. The marijuana arrests were about 13.6 percent more than the 505,681 arrests made for all violent crimes, including murder, rape and serious assaults. Numbers don't lie. That means most good people are locked up and the few bad people are out running the world with synthetic & fear. How backwards do you allow them to go. I thought the people are the boss and they are public servants, not the other way round. They were never my boss or of nature.

Many countries still give cells or death to gays and etheist. At least, Health Canada allows treating of many kinds of cancer plus 71 other kinds of medical conditions from cannabis. Go Sue them world. Making cannabis legal allows everyone to grow your own food and medicine in your backyard. Since each of us are our own best doctors in the world, nothing can be better. Parent your kids and they will do far less drugs. We humans are all biology organisms first about 99% the DNA the same, loves connects, not the greedy. Only law needed 😀o not harm: Many laws are breaking nature's law, the constitution laws and most of all the right to life. I'm responsible, never harm anyone, except gave a few bad hair days.

@Castlepaloma Sadly, there is very little research that supports your ideas.
Health Canada treats the SYMPTOMS from cancer treatment with Cannabis, not to sure cancer.
You are not being honest with your constant misrepresentations of cannabis.


According to this new study non smokers and ex smokers are happier: []


Once or twice a week with alcohol is moderate.
Smoking is more addicting than cocaine. I can see happier ex smokers by stopping it. I just have one remedy and two words to cure smoking, STOP IT!

@Castlepaloma Again you are wrong. We conclude that on the current evidence nicotine cannot be considered more addicting than cocaine.


You can standby and considerate it forever. All the evidence I need is that tobacco/nicotine is more addicting than cocaine. The biggest reason because nicotine kills by far, more people than all illegal or legal drugs combined in the world. Where cannabis has not proven directly to kill anyone.

@Castlepaloma The discussion was about immediately AFTER the war. Not today.


Cannabis is a remarkable plant but I think perhaps the most productive plant is the close cousin - Hemp

MsDee Level 5 Apr 18, 2019

Hemp and cannabis are both derived from the same species (Cannabis sativa), one is considered a drug the other not. In 1936 they both were outlawed and declared enemy number one. This war has played out for 85 years. Both owned and pattoned by the US government and both schedule one, meaning no useful purpose. What a scam.


I think you'll find the most important and productive plant is wheat. Which makes products so you can cope with the munchies more effectively.

Can you build an entire car and fuel on wheat, like cannabis. Can wheat make lumber, rope, canvas, clothing, oil, plastics stronger than steal, insolation, concrete, mediciines and paper. Cannabis can give you many jobs to the justice system and 10s of thousands of other products with cannabis?
We all know you can eat wheat like cannabis, which is higher in nutrition greater than wheat.

@Castlepaloma Wheat has built humanity as we are today. Without wheat there is no civilisation, and all that is good and bad.
As for the extra uses of cannabis, you need to keep people enlightened as to its uses and benefits. Why not write a paper on it? Many people have their viewpoint clouded by the narcotic use of cannabis.
Wheat can be used to make clothes, oils, paint, rope, fuel, paper, concrete, medicines etc., too. The types of medicine of course differ. There is evidence of cannabis as being useful to extremely useful in many conditions and pain relief. As a plant, it really shouldn't be hidden away just because it can also be more fun to use than wheat!


Cannabis makes the wheat and sex taste better.

@Castlepaloma If you need drugs to make sex better, you are doing it wrong.

@Sofabeast That is pure bullshit. Wheat is not that important. There are lots of other grains that can equally replace wheat. It is simply a choice of the producers.
As well, cannabis does not need to make you high to be useful. CBD does not have the same affects as THC


Tell that to the women in the porn industry. If its not dirty, you may not be doing it right


Wheat dose have a strong history for human development. Unfortunately most wheat today, is processed wrong.

The THC has a different in stronger strength. For example, it's the THC that is much more effective in killing cancer cells.

@Dicaron Wheat produced the rise of farming and static habitiation in the form of cities. With the cultivation of this valuable crop the development of civilisation and writing came into being, in the west and east. The crop has continually sustained mankinds expansion from hunter gatherers to world hopping macro societies of today. The crop has been worshipped in many religions (give us this day our daily bread) and replaced sitting crops around the world. Wheat can be turned into easily transprotable forms so expansion of the human race could take place around the globe, with its products held on every continent on the planet and into space. On the flag of the old Soviet Union there was a sickle - indicating the cutting of wheat by the workers. Look to the United States, which was during WWII the bread basket of the free world. Tha lack of this crop has lead to revolutions and wars.
As wheat produced a static lifestyle, economies were born and a method of tallying what was produced, this lead to mathematics and then sciences were born. Technology came from the development of societies that were linked closely to the foodstuffs that came from wheat.
The list goes on.... I'm studying the science of Sociology and the production of food is an important factor in what drives our societies to success or failure.

@Castlepaloma, @Sofabeast Actually, it was the prairies that were called the bread basket of the world, not the USA. That included Canada as well. You need to read some history that was not written only by Americans


China produces more wheat than Canada and USA combined. China, India and Russia both consume and produces more wheat than the USA.

Cannabis is the most valuable cash agriculture corp in the world.

How the new history changes.....

@Castlepaloma Sadly, sex in the porn industry is not normal and does not depict sex in reality. How pathetic that you think sex needs to be dirty to be good!!!


I'm not supporting porn industry, just showing how most pornstars women use it for enhanceing performance sex. It was a dirty joke, gooosh, at least, hmmm, I am good when I am bad...!!! Maewest

Sex is normal, like eating and sleeping. Oh yea, that is what cannabis dose best. Repairs the immune system, helps to relax, to forget, to sleep and to eat for all in which cannabis enhances greatly for health treatment and benefits. Even a cannabis pain pill in a hospital is great for pain, depression and laughs.

Chemo gives zero benefits or balances. Watching my girlfriend go through it, hurts me a great deal. Killing cells and destroying the immune system causing new cancers or baby cancer to grow back with revengants. Because there is little or no immune system to help you back to be normal. What is normal about muster gas and radiation for our bodies.

I have only 2 simple rules. Be honest and don't harm. I don't break those rules for anybody. Except if I were a Jew in Nazi camp during world war 2. Where if a Nazis asked if I were Jewish. If I was, I would lie, as to save my own skin. Wail not breaking do not harm, the more important rule. Why do you have to lie, for these chemo Nazi? Because chemo is made from the same monopolize source and idea.
Chemo breaks my 2 rule to the ultimate degree. About 2% chemo success rate over 5 years is not good enough for me or humanity.

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