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Almost at the hotel for American Atheist 2019!
Who else is going?
#aacon2019 #heathensInCincinnatti

GwenBFree 7 Apr 18

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I was standing at the exit after the GOM show. Wearing my new grey atheist shirt.
What is everyone doing for breakfast? There is a place called Maplewood. maybe 730 ?

I’ll give it a go, it’s 2 am and I haven’t gone to sleep yet, but I Did take my contacts out about 30 minutes ago so I might be able to do a 730

I had to P so bad after God awful movies


Have fun. I wish I was going to the convention.


Let’s try at meet up at social tonight. Friday. Amy.

I’ll be at the awards dinner and GAM show


Wouldn't know anyone there.

I’m here. Lol

@GwenBFree Cincinatti is about a three hour drive for me. If I were closer, I would probably seriously consider popping in for a while over the weekend.

I hope you have a great time while you're there! 🙂


Hmm... I live just across the river from downtown Cincinnati. Should I go? Do I need tickets?

Yes, so far it’s great. Get tickets on the 4th floor at the registration desk of the Hilton Netherlands


I’m here

Awesome! Did you do the trivia or cards against humanity?


I’m here


All you guys from here who are there oughta meet for drinks, take pics and post them here after you get back.



Wish I was going. When is it I may still have time? And is weed legal there?

Ohio is medical state, Cincinnati hotel is Hilton Netherlands


Arriving tomorrow! My first one and I'm very excited. I hope I get to meet the crew from Austin's Atheist Experience, Godless Bitches, etc. I have several people praying that I'll come back "to their side" when I

I’ve met Matt and Aaron Ra! And tons of other awesome people


Just checked in! Looking forward to it!


that would be awesome!


Please post updates on this site, so those of us not there can be informed.

Will do

@GwenBFree Thank you

@creative51 posted last night about the day, used tag aacon2019


I'm here!!


May the Force be with you, Gwen.


Is this some kind of "gathering" or what?

A national organization here is the US.Their convention.


I wish I could go, maybe one day. Have a great time!

djs64 Level 6 Apr 18, 2019
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