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Another black man who speaks the truth::: Obviously an "enemy" to his race.
Brilliant Tommy Sotomayor about African Americans in USA

Jacar 8 Apr 18

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I think it's hilarious that right-wingers track down individual members of the superminority of black people that are Republicans and then try to raise them up in this pandering fashion.

Guys, I know it's a surprise to you, but there ARE black Republicans. It doesn't make them right, but neither should you pimp them up on a stage like they're a dancing novelty.


No small part of the reason for black women not being married is that their prospective partner has been arrested for a drug crime and sentenced to decades under mandatory minimum sentencing. If the Innocence Project is any indication, a significant portion of the convictions were based on evidence planted by the police, and pursued by racist prosecutors.

While some Blacks may bring up the issue of Blacks-as-perpetual-victims, the reality of discrimination and ill-treatment is still all too real. Also real is that this complaint won't get much traction in a society which is intensely bigoted and maintaining a strong White Nationalist leaning. So it is wise for Blacks not to focus on being victims, but rather to lobby for ending racist (as practiced) drug war laws.


Even though It made me throw up a little in my own mouth, I watched this entire video. It was difficult. Enduring such a concentration of utter sexist bullshit is never easy. This man not only wants us to buy into Reagan's "welfare queen" myth, he wants to blame single mothers for attitudes held by African American youth. In order to swallow that, one must buy into the lie that single mothers choose to be single mothers, and not because they have been abandoned and left to struggle alone by deadbeat men. As a single mother who raised sons from the time they were toddlers until adulthood, I can attest that this is not the case the majority of the time. Although I am not African American, I did struggle financially, sometimes working as many as three menial jobs at a time to keep my children housed and fed - in a housing project! My sons were abandoned by their deadbeat dad, who absented himself both physically and financially from parenting on any level. Not only is Tommy Sotomayor not "brilliant" by any stretch of the imagination, he is a sexist moron.

Deb57 Level 8 Apr 18, 2019

This is why abortion should be legal!

He's not saying that ALL single black mothers (or single white mothers) get pregers on purpose to get welfare checks... but a lot do. You can go to any big city with a section 8 housing area and see it all day long. It's not a big secret. It's actually well documented. Hell, they make music videos about it. Perhaps you'd like to see one. I think this one is done rather well actually.

@mongo1977 Very telling that you don't mention the role fathers play in family dysfunction.

@Captain_Feelgood, produce some stats with cited sources, please.


@Captain_Feelgood I was hoping you could make the distinction between facts and opinions. The fact that you produced this video as "stats" proves that such is not the case. I have lived in the projects, I have had to use the welfare/public aid system. I know exactly what it does, and doesn't do. I know who uses it and why. Yes, there are people who abuse the system, as there are people who exploit everything, but they are not the majority, they are certainly not all people of color, they are not all mothers, and they are not even all female. Perpetuating these stereotypes is sexist, and counterproductive.

@Deb57 How about you not put words in my mouth... Not once did I, or anyone in those vids say the majority abuse the system, that they were all people of color, they were all mothers, or they were all female. Stop with your baiting bullshit. Just admit that it happens far too much and something needs to be done about it.. You, of all people, that worked your ass off raising your kids should be the first one out there screaming foul at the ones cheating the system, making mothers like you look bad.

@Captain_Feelgood Which part of "this problem is not as prevalent as you and the sexists who promote this type of propaganda try to make it appear" do you not get? Why not point a finger at the real vampires sucking away your tax dollars instead of a few struggling single moms trying to survive and feed their kids on the paltry amounts allotted by the government. I would much rather my taxes went to support them than churches, bank executives, CEOs, and that crooked POS in the Oval Office.

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