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Extinction Rebellion activities around the world. In my home city Thursday. []

ToolGuy 9 Apr 19

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We have one planet with far too many humans on it. What we have to do is try to save it and reduce the population peacefully without recourse to extermination by direct action or the inaction of not helping.

Plenty of space and plenty of ability to feed. But not under the model of Capitalism... we need a shift to sustainability and evidence led politics. Difficult to reach as most people buy the capitalist mantra of economy first.

@Francool We still need a logical humane reduction in our numbers and strong education in being human and humane. The capitalism of John Adams would be better than the free for all of western capitalism. Marxism hasn't been successfull - yet.
A liberal socialism with a very strong idealology of social responcibilty could be a viable goal.

Do we? The elites approach is to limit access to healthcare and support, which in the UK has resulted in 30,000 additional deaths per year. Elsewhere I am sure that is repeated, but the rest of your post is right on.

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