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I just was contacted by Mavis the Powerball winner. She wants my information so she can send me 100,000 dollars. I sent her an article from the Boston globe that says it's a scam. She is very insistent that it's real. What should I do?

Remowill 7 Apr 19

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What does she want you to do?

Give my name, address, gender ,

@Remowill Give her someone else name, address and gender. Make it up.


Give her my address.


Give them your Paypal account address and tell them to send it. If they refuse or ask you to send them information or money, it's a scam.

By the way, it's a scam. Review that it is your own greed that is blinding you to the evil of the scam.

I knew it was a scam. Like I said, I sent a link from the Boston Globe that said it was.

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