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With easter being tomorrow obviously. How do yall do easter if you have children?? Personally I do easter as a small version of Christmas (say this because of the presents in her basket) Theres no religion at all based on it but instead I spend the day with my daughter searching for eggs filled with candy and a basket full of gifts. Ending in a dinner with ham and all the fixings. I keep religion out of these holidays but instead use them as a time I'll never forget with my daughter. Am I alone on feeling this way.

Infidel-101st 2 Apr 21

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When my children were pre-teens they received a homemade gift basket loaded with sweets and then my wife hid eggs. For dinner I made meatloaf. After they became teens they got a large chocolate bunny but we still had meatloaf for dinner. That's about it - we have a grand baby now and so the cycle has started all over again but still nothing religious about the day.


My wife was never a believer but enjoyed coloring / hunting easter eggs and making a special meal for her family. No reason to cut your nose off to spite your face.


We didn't really do gifts, just one of those super cute stuffed animals that they always tempted me to buy for each child. Then we would do Easter egg hunts. It started with plain hunts, but got more complicated as they got older, with clues to decipher to get to the next egg. It would all end with special meals. We celebrated it as the start of spring rather than Easter.


i've never celebrated easter a day in my life. say, that's a dangerous holiday for a diabetic, isn't it? anyway, we have a nice second seder last night, and there was a chocolate mousse cake with raspberry sauce, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. uh oh, passover is dangerous too....



My son is 30 and misses me hiding eggs and all the rest of the nonreligious fun things we did on Easter. If he lived closer, I'd still do it for him and my daughter-in-law! Enjoy without guilt...Happy Easter!


Absolutely not! I did the same thing. And I raised two wonderful atheists while doing it.

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