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Why is this true? Why?

Charlene 9 Apr 26

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BECAUSE...THEY...are WHITE republicans!!!


Because despite of how distasteful it may be National Socialism (nazism) is a Nationalist movement, and nationalism is the easiest thing in the world to pass off as patriotism (even though it isn't). However taking a knee to protest against faults in the existing system is seen as unpatriotic BECAUSE it points out that all is not rosey in the garden of eden that is America when the official line is that IT IS.


They call it free speech - I disagree with both sides but acknowledge their right to that view and will always defend their right to speak ... many disagree with their viewpoints..., few bother to put forward a reasoned argument against them. Until the fundamental reasoning behind their cause is subjected to opposing argument and exposed to all as fraudulent their views will flourish


Now would be a good time for target practice 🙂 Not really but....maybe

Yes it would be...


We are not and never have been a great country. It is and has been over two hundred years of propaganda.

Never a true democracy.


Just seeing this sends chills down me...I hope it always does...

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