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When religion is eradicated, the only definition of holy will be something with holes in it.

mooredolezal 7 Apr 28

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I don't see that ever happening. The more you persecute it, the more validity you give it.

I wasn't persecuting it, but if I was I certainly don't see that as giving it validity. If it does so be it. I find it evil and will do everything in my power to see it vanquished. It is not going to go away by ignoring it. The Fanatics spend every minute trying to chip away at our rights legislatively and we must not only prevent that but counterpunch.


As far as the church is concerned, even now it is holes in children"s bodies!

zesty Level 7 Apr 28, 2019
  1. Religion will never be "eradicated" (who will eradicate it, by which means? Or do you mean "vanished"?)
  2. Even if religion in its organised form will vanish some day, there will remain a lot of holy things, not necessarily objects , but values like justice or human dignity... that must not be violated

Sorry for my poor word choice. Yes I meant vanished. I must disagree with your second statement. Holiness pertains gods and God. It has nothing to do with values.

@mooredolezal Of course there are holy things outside the sphere of religion! Think of all the holy symbols (flags, buildings...). Nationalists like to talk about "holy land" (e.g. the holy Serbian land in the Kosovo). Everything that must not be violated is holy to some people.
If you do not like the word "holy" in this context, take the word "sacrosanct" or "unalienable".

@Matias if you look up the definition I am certain you will find I am correct. I am not talking about the definitions of other words, the whole point of this conversation is the meaning of the word holy.

@mooredolezal I looked up the definition, and you're not correct.
(a-)If something has holes in it, it is "holey" not "holy".
(b-) That religion will vanish some day it just wishful thinking.

@Matias it was a play on words, phonetically. Don't take everything so literally. I envy your ability to tell the future though. I can see into the past. I can see a time when there was no religion.

@mooredolezal A time without religion? When, where ?
There was a time without organized religion (like Christianity, Islam...), but scholars who have done research on this topic agree that there has never been a culture or society in history without some sort of religoin (= belief in supernatural powers; trying to access these powers, especially by rituals, to get help from them; belief in spirits of ancestors, shamanism ... things like that.)

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