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In ancient Athens, ostracism was practiced by voting out the citizen most harmful to the city-state. This practice could put a fabulous spin on Citizen’s United! Which ‘corporate citizen’ would you be voting for?

Justjoni 8 Apr 29

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BILLARY jailed for ten years and all the bribes she took seized from the Clinton FOUNDATION 2019 2020 Veep Pence for pushing to keep all women pregnant 2021 TrumpOLINI if he does not move USA to hydrogen cars and green tech peace through green jobs 2020 rapist Kavanaugh off the US Sup Ct


Tom Brady


That guy at amazon who turned employees into automatons.


Well, DUH..Trump, of course. Actually all the GOP leaders who enabled him, as well.

Any corporate player youd want to sideline?


really, Joni? who do you think?

Real persons aren’t tough to name. But the corporate citizens pulling the strings - which of those might you like to see ousted?

@Justjoni big pharma, the mining industry, NRAj

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