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Just watched a Netflix movie called Leave No Trace. Visually beautiful and emotionally moving.

ToolGuy 9 Apr 30

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I'll give this a try, but I do not have much sympathy fro PTSD which is self inflicted through bad choices. Professional soldiers made a choice to join up, they were not conscripts. What if the population of Iraq that he traumatized? Where is the Netflix interest in them?
No film is politically neutral. This one perpetuates the "thank you for your service" mentality.

@ToolGuy I just looked. It seems that Netflix has made the film for the US market as it's not available in the UK... yet.

@ToolGuy okay at a guess Netflix thinks you count as American! LOL Our Virgin Island friend here is probably considered British - I wonder if there are royalties issues?


I watched the movie and found it very slow moving. It was a nice story, but cannot say it was realistic


I saw it in a theater last year, I enjoyed it a great deal.


The premise seems sound, but it depends on how well acted/directed, etc it is. Thanks for the heads up.

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