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The democrat party has become increasingly anti Semite with 2 Muslim congresswomen who support terror groups like Hezbollah.

Trajan61 8 Apr 30

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First of all, it's not antisemitic to search for answers in a area claimed by three different gods... all of whom (the gods) hate each other, and all of whom claimed that it's their land...

Second, the Christian Right doesn't "love Israel." They NEED Israel. The only way to get Jesus to come back is to rebuild the Temple and convert all Jews to Christianity. In fact, they will admit to being "Anti-Judaism, but insist it's not the same (although it sure looks the same). The greatest anti-Semitic book ever written is the New Testament, and it's what's driving a huge portion of the horrors going on in the Middle East.

As to terror groups, well, we've got our own terror groups, and they're fully supported by Congress, so, pot/kettle.


the Semitic peoples include the Jews, Arabs, Berber etc. of North Africa and the Middle East, regardless of their religion or tribal status.


I think it is more than a bit unfair topaint all democrats as anti-Semite just because there are two Muslims elected.

Let's be honest here. The only reason most Christians support Isreal is becuae biblical prophecy says the Jews need to rebuild their temple before Jesus will come again. In virtually every other way, they are also anti-Semite too.

The reluctance of democratic support for Israel recently is based almost entirely on an anti-war philosophy, not an anti-Semite philosophy.

The fact that most of the democrats support the radical Muslims makes them guilty of antisemitism as well. Obama started the policy of not supporting Israel and he was an idiot.

@Trajan61 I don't think your "fact" is an accurate portrayal of democrats. They do support a basic level of human rights, even for radical Muslims, which some people may misinterpret as a support for radical Muslims itself, when it is not the same thing at all.

If we let hyuman rights deteriorate to a point where there is not much difference between us and then, then it really becomes hard to make a case for the rightness of our deeds. That is why the Bush administration was so heavily criticized for the torture of prisoners. If innocents were arrested, after beign tortured, we by our own actions have radicalized them. They may have been neutral before beign arrested, but no longer.

It has proven over and over that torture is not reliable as an interrogation technique. However peopel who do nto value education and science see no need to train peopel in effective interrogatin techniques, and so we become (almost?) as bad as they re.

If we dont' maintain higher standards of human rights and dignity than what do we represent and why is it any better? Democrats don't want our level of human rights to descend to the level of third world countries. Republicans seem unawre of the slippery slope they are on.

@snytiger6 The Democrats party’s failure to distance themselves from Omar and Rashida Talibe who both condemn Israel and support terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas make the rest of them guilty as well. Failure to support Israel who has always been our best reliable ally in the Middle East is quite disturbing to me.


Are you equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism?


Yes! Our terrorist congresswoman.

zesty Level 7 Apr 30, 2019
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