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Charlene 9 Apr 30

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Die Hard is based on the 1979 novel Nothing Lasts Forever, a sequel to the novel The Detective 1966.
Both books featured a lead detective character named Joe Leland, played in the Detective by Frank Sinatra and as John McClane by Bruce Willis.
Therefore die hard is not only NOT a Christmas movie it it is a blasphemy against out Lord and Singer Frank Sinatra who should have been offered the part even though he was 72 at the time and did not look good in a string vest.

Len it humour..

@Charlene I know, I'm sorry, it is just a bugbear of mine, I loved the detective, a great film and the best performance Frank ever gave.
When word came that the sequel was being filmed I was over the moon, and instead we got Die Hard.
30 years on It still burns. 😉


We used to watch the Die Hard movies on Christmas each year.


LMAO...TOOOO funny!


i don't care one way or the other

@slydr68 only for the points i earn. i'm sneaky that way


Everybody knows it's a Christmas movie.

His wife's name is Holly, for goodness' sake! tell 'em!

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