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What does everyone think about the movie Breakthrough? Where the 14 yr old boy fell through the ice and was pronounced dead..for an hour but his mom prayed over his dead body and he woke up...( hollywood loves pushing these films out there..and sheep eat them up..because it really happened..)

In reality... What really happened was the kid was in a frozen coma...and then thawed out enough to come back...but for some reason the masses believe it was devine intervention...which to me is extremely selfish thinking because...Why is this kid and his family so special?? I bet millions of sheep pray for their loved ones to be healed and nothing happens cept suffering and death....

Ravenwolfcasey 7 May 1

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We have to remember that ‘God moves in mysterious ways’. Just like my Uncle George did when he’d came out of the pub on a Saturday night!


Frozen bodies often come round. Its amazing.

But not miraculous 🙂

@Moravian exactly


I have only contempt for fake news and film makers that pretend an alleged deity comes along once or twice a month to make a miracle happen when over a million people die on this planet daily but more people are born daily ALL SENSELESSly dominated by false insane religions ....PLANNED PARENTHOOD MOTTO for 60 years : every child a wanted child but tampon terrorists induce guilt upon all women to become perfect breeders at all costs....THUS THE UNplanned fake propaganda movie now in theatres


My question is...why does he need to be prayed to for him to act to save people, and why does he chose to listen to some and ignore others?


It depends if you are up to date with your payments. Plus warranty runs out as soon as you hit the ground.


I work at a movie theater and it drives me insane that people come out of this film ...all holier than thou acting like it validifies their insanity of religion

You won’t change their point in trying. Logic is not in their vocabulary.

Yup alleged vaginal virgins birth alleged baby gawds in dirty donkey stables every December 25th on the fake back dated calendar THAT NEVER HAPPENED nor a CRUCIFIXION survived one Palestinian weekend geebush geehobah ghostholes YOU BET

Unlike after the Exorcist. I saw it in the '70's and when I came out of the cinema and was momentarily dazzled by bright sunlight a group of Christians who were hanging around the cinema exit rushed over to me asking if I was Ok and wanted to pray for me.

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