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What is it that republicans do not get about Medicare? A brilliant speech by Ro Khanna. []

ToolGuy 9 May 1

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The NHS in the UK is under continual attack from the right and massive pressure from the US to sell up. IN the UK everyone is covered, paid for with general taxation, and the savings made through economies of scale; not having to post dividends to share holders; and having NO system of insurance (saving 20% alone), means that Brits enjoy free health care at the point of need, and the per capita is about half that in the US.
Everything from visits to the GP to major surgery are offered without the need for a cheque book. Image the relief that means - being ill and not having to worry about paying whilst you are incapable of working? Prescriptions at around $10, and exemptions for the over 60s, children, students, and unemployed.
At half the cost the the GDP.


They're generally against anything that involves some taxes - even when it helps people in need that happens to end up being themselves in many instances.


Oh they get it, they just don't want it.
Private health care is a way for the rich to tax poorer people on being alive, investment in health insurance in a country that charges for good health is a no lose investment.
Successive right wing governments in the UK have tried to dismantle the NHS and replace it with an American style system it has proven political suicide to even try, because generation after generation has grown up knowing health care is a right not a privilege, and will not have their children denied the same.

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