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This is why Finnish schools are the best in the world.
What do you think of this system?

MsDemeanour 8 May 3

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Schools in the UK and USA are not about education, they are about providing a babysitting service, feeding poor kids and keeping little thugs off the street during the hours of daylight.
They are basically prisons, surrounded by high fences to keep the kids in and the adults out for six to seven hours a day, so the mums and dads can go to work, a bar or watch day time TV in peace.


This is what happens the closer you get to Russia.

Happy maths, I ask you!

What do you mean? the closer you are to russia, the better your marks? I don't know how Russia measures on the scales but I doubt those kids are as happy as the Finns. Let me ask you something.... Do you learn better when you're interested and not pressured? I know I do.

I apologise. I was being facetious.

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