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If from one man and one woman stemmed all humans, why do i and alot of others have 0% middle eastern on my genetic ancestry report? Wonder how believers would reconcile this.

Streetburner 3 May 3

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you probably don't have any chimpanzee genes either.
apparently we're all descended from fish do we have fish genes?


When "faith" is thrown into the mix, rational thinking is thrown out.....its the law....and trying to reconcile the two.....well. thats trying to put sane, and in-sanity may be a lot of fun, as a game or something....but the pieces won't fit without a good sharp blade. But good luck, and have fun, if thats your thing.


Science is stupid! 🙂


Who said the garden of Eden was in the middle East ?

@Streetburner Tat's true. I believe the ark landed on Mount Ararat in Turkey I remember a few years ago a delude believer went there to look for evidence of it and was never seen again.


Apologists will say that Adam and eve were the first, not the only of god's created humans. That still doesn't make all the sense, but it shores up the story some. Still utter nonsense of course.

If they were the only two their children had a very incestuous relationship with one another and mummy and daddy


There's no rationalizing faith!


You certainly have more than 9 per cent Middle Eastern ancestry, for the simple reason that Homo sapiens, when they left Africa, crossed that region, mixed with some Neanderthals living there, and then moved north to Europe or east to Asia and Australia.
we are all descended from about 10,000 individuals who left Africa at that time.


Racist genes, I guess.

You the man!!

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