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I need bail money...

MissKathleen 9 May 4

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You didn't bring pockets?


you still wearing diapers? 🙂

lerlo Level 8 May 5, 2019

I'm so lucky to have a ring of fences and shrubbery around the pool. I run around nekkid all I want. And I'm working on a tan without tan lines.

@MissKathleen Oh what a shame. I wish women (uh, people) could feel more free to be unclothed in this country, especially in and around their own home.

@MissKathleen Same here. I do have a small pool in the back, so I can jump in and cool off any number of times per day. The doorbell rarely rings, but when it does I'm often scrambling for a pair of shorts.


I'll be right over.

A Tempe cop was telling us about the time a couple of women from ASU were arrested for streaking. It appeared the entire Tempe police department responded to the call.

@MissKathleen ha ha ha...there sure were a lot of cops present when the streaking craze happened in college...funny, I don't remember any arrests... ha ha ha


Sell your story to a paper and they'll give you bail cash with alacrity.

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