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This is the truth that the religilous keep denying

St-Sinner 8 May 6

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If Jesus is really coming back, what is he waiting for?

He is afraid of the non-believers who do not like how much BS (cruelty, misery, ignorance, harassment, violence, atrocities against women and children) his followers have created in this world in his name. He may even be afraid that another Governor Pilate may nail him and his invisible and coward father in the sky will not save him.

Therefore, Jesus is not coming back. He has no good reason.

But he were to really appear, where do you think he would appear? He will be arrested in at least 50 countries in the world upon arrival. I believe that the U.S. Government will immediately take him to a secret location, dissect him and study his brain. He will be shocked to know that the land he preached at is occupied and ruled by Zionists who are very mean and hate other faiths.. LOL


Doctors will tell you that if it taste good to spit it our. Religion will tell you if it feels good its a sin. Lawyers and Politicians have their own scams.


There are many branches of Christianity but as far as I’ve seen none of them are trying to prove that God exists. I think for them that is self-evident and doesn’t need proving.

Every act, speech of the religion is to further prove, confirm and indoctrinate the belief that God exists.


And yet the Religious zealots keep up their position even as their ideas are challenged...year after year with scientific advancements and evidence of damage done to human existence.


Nah, they got one better. You'll find out when Jesus comes the second time and you are fried for not believing in him.


You are on a roll. Another good one


The thing is, religions are not even a good extension of the natural world...


Nancy Pelosi said something similar about ObamaCare.

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