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New twist on old scam. Get anything like this, chuck it. Oh, and yes, I contacted the Bronfman Foundation.


Thank you for writing back.

The pay-it-forward campaign is conceived and funded as a part of the giving pledge of Charles Bronson. []

It's a simple process where one person is chosen randomly and entrusted a certain amount and instructed to pay out in small bits to the less privileged in his/her neighborhood or as he/she sees fit...This is the pay-it-forward campaign and I'm happy to let you know that you have been chosen to be a beneficiary of this edition.

You will be required to receive $1.5M USD and pay out 50%..Pay out will be under your discretion and not in anyway monitored from our end.. we see it as a medium to reach out to many people using one individual and in this case,it's you!

Please indicate if you are interested to move forward with this.
Best Regards
Klaus Rumpf

evidentialist 8 May 9

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Wow 😞 That makes me so mad .


I won't drink to that...


The scammer do try hard. Would like to see a world wide agency created to go and find arrest and impound equipment and revenue obtained from scamming operations.

That's a greAt idea. And to find people trying to scam others on line.

@confidentrealm The majority of them an IP address can show what computer in what building they are sitting. The tribulation from a satellite azmath is scary accurate even if they are using a counterfeit IP address.

@azzow2 I'm so tired of bogus want to be lovers. I've had two in the last two days try to scam me. Most want me to pay their bills or buy them gift cards etc. Even though they profess to have excellent jobs many travelling out of the country, it makes me so suspicious of any online relationship. However, so many people seem to find true love here. I feel vulnerable.

@confidentrealm I too have run into many scammers if I put my mind to it I could write a book on what to look for. I had one inarticulate claim to have inherited a mansion in Hong Kong. Another a Air force veteran that grew up in Germany she was rather smart i did play along for a while to see how far she would take it.

@azzow2 then there are the Nigerians. Lol

@confidentrealm Ghana seems to be the most popular I have Nigerians try as well.

@azzow2 I recently had someone from Ghana want e to pay his hotel I don't know where these people get the idea I have money. I tell them all my profession. Not high paying by any means.

@confidentrealm I think they are under the impression all Americans are wealthy.

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