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Is Marijuana a Religious Experience, and are their Churches affiliated with it. I am not a user but have seen where it appears to bring out various religious feelings. With the legality coming into perspective will this become more that some would conjure toward. I've seen all kinds of churches for lots of various reasons which are mostly monetarily defined. I can see it coming, but don't know where it will end up or was it established long ago and I wasn't aware.

Nevermind345 7 Mar 9

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I just think it's used for fun or medicinal purposed. Idk about it having to do with it being a religious thing? Do you have an article to back this up with?




I've been high a few times and I never had a "religious" experience lol


A couple was just arrested last summer in Calif. they had a MJ Church. Can't remember what they called it.


It must be a religious experience.. Look how much evangelical hypocrites like Jeff Sessions are out to destroy it like its Judaism or something.


Mi Ganga! Rastafarians come immediately to mind, then religions or spiritual rites of many cultures where MJ grows naturally. That includes several native peoples of the western hemisphere. Actual MJ churches are a relatively new phenomenon. While I'd never worship weed I might join a church that does. Anyway, yes, they are now popping up everywhere...growing like weeds too, if you will! The first MJ church to gain US tax exempt status is aptly named The First Church of Cannabis and was founded in March 2015 by Bill Levin. (link) Just google "marijauna churhes" for a plethora more. []

It was in response to Mike Pence's "Religious Freedom Act" here in Indiana. We were shocked and pleased when the courts upheld their status as a church. (Fun fact: Bill Levin's ex-wife used to be my hairdresser.)

@Nottheonlyone Awesome...Congrats!!!! I'll bet that's just what Pence had in mind!


There have been times I have said "Jesus Christ that's good shit"! Does that qualify?

Lmao yes sir!


As far as I'm concerned, anything to do with religion is delusional bullshit. That said, smoking marijuana should be completely legal, across the board.


Never been a religious experience for me-just smoked with my 22 yr old daughter last nite-LOL.NO RELIGIOUS FEELINGS AT ALL.

@Katastrophe1969 Will you adopt me?


All drugs are religious experiences, its all to with the dopamine and serotonin being pumped into your brain . Its the same effect religions give you with chanting , rituals, dancing and singing etc thats one of the reasons churches dislike drugs its compettion. as for them being illegal theres a whole ton of reasons from cotton production to racism it would take to long to list and explain them all . Finally there's a hemp church somewhere in america that says smoking is their religion oh and don't forget the rastafarians who have been doing it for years

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