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Trump's tariffs are equivaleent to one of the largest tax increases in history. You and I, as consumer will pay 25% more at Walmart. Everything comes from China!

sassygirl3869 9 May 17

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It will probably be cheaper for Walmart to buy the same items from Australia. We buy all that cheap tacky shit from China but we don’t have the high tax rate. China sells the same amount of quality merchandise, we sell it on to USA for less than the tariffs and “everyone’s a winner, babe, that’s no lie”


I’m glad he’s your buffoon and not ours!


Trump is unwittingly speeding up the arrival of the Inflation phase of the Capitalist cycle. The Inflationary phase precedes the arrival of Recession, followed by Depression. If the economy goes into Recession, Trump will probably blame Obama, or the Democrats.

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