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I would like to see trump humpers take a civics test. I’m thinking they wouldn’t do very well when it comes to law.

Aryn 7 May 17

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Immigrants have to pass a test to get citizenship here in uk....I read some questions and had no idea of the answers ... nor interest in learning them as they seemed largely irrelevant to 'englishness'


They would be entertaining and I would bet a "great" multitude of his followers would fail as badly as he would. And, to be a citizen, people do have to take a test. Love to see his results for that.

I do agree, partially here, in that schools should push civics classes because, damn, there are some stupid as shit maga people voting.


LMAO no shit


I am sure many would pass much more easily than immigrant mother knew more about our government than I did when I was in high school! It shamed me to study harder...


I bet he would score less than 25% correct !

Ohub Level 7 May 17, 2019

Trump himself, would flunk a civics test!


In my "alert " file the headline said "tree humper" and I thought, WTF?

Oops, stoned again....

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