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What is your perception of Memorial Day in the USA?

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AirForceRN1 7 May 19

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It was Abraham Lincoln who created this 'holiday'. He did so partly to honor the nation's military dead. And partly to appease 'God', and give 'God's' sanction to the bloody civil war then in progress. Like most people of his day, Lincoln was a very superstitious/religious man. And he believed that the reason the war was dragging on was because 'God' was angry at the country's 'sinfullness'. This is why he also made 'Thanksgiving' a national 'holiday'. Though he thought of it more as a 'national day of prayer' (thinking that if everybody prayed hard, 'God' would make the war end). Neither day was intended as an excuse for people to engage in drunkeness , and gluttony.


all it means to me, as any other stupid holiday is...time and a half. woohoo.


Remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us


Another long weekend.


My mom called it Decoration Day. It is a day to visit the graves of loved ones, including veterans, and put the graves.


To my understanding it was originally intended as a day to remember all departed loved ones.

It's become military focused in our jingoistic times.


Memorial Day for me is more about the family picnic we have and the chance to eat grilled food! Grilling season begins. It is also the official beginning of gardening season. Here in Wisconsin we are just beginning to trust that our plants and flowers won't die because of cold overnight temps. Everybody will be visiting their local greenhouses and Home Depot gardening stores this weekend, I'm sure. All those outdoor projects start up soon. I don't really view it in any military way, honestly. I feel fortunate to get a three day weekend out of it.


I have mixed feelings about Memorial Day and honor those who had served and died for our country! ...Especially those who were drafted (against their will). However, I have nothing against those who had
fled to Canada and Sweden in the past because of the Vietnam war or other wars who believed in peace and not killing others.


It had lost its meaning in some respects because the USA seems to be involved
in endless wars. What will this achieve? Being a Navy, Army, and Air Force veteran,
I wish there be peace more than ever for this world. Some of my biggest war hawk
friends are ones who had never served in the military!

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