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Atheism is myth understood. Religion is a cape of disguise to fool the stupid. And now our "gov't" is using religion as a tool to lead the sheeple to slaughter for the profit of a few. If there were a god and Jesus they'd surely be pissed. America is in deep shit. It's suck into that shit slowly and there is too many apathetic ignorant people to make enough fuss to stop the insanity. Pity the children.

Gary4234 5 Mar 10

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Here here.... Let's make a god damn fuss!


I love your Myth ' [ lisp ] and like your post. regards.


Nothing new there then.


One of ‘our’ (USA) strengths is the ability to change quickly, just as our equal weakness is the same.. When things get bad enough ..just enough of the majority act in order to slightly turn the ship of state, as happened with the elections of Barack Obama. The problem is, that only happens periodically, and the damage done leading us to such distress & eventual action is lasting...

The good just want a good night’s sleep … while the bad lay awake plotting…. Complacency sets in, the idiots feel they ‘need a change,’ a leader they’d like having a beer with ..or laughing at, then allow a sick joke like Reagan, Bush Jr. or trump into office … followed by -- ‘Call in the Dem’s’ to clean up the mess! ...which of course by then includes drastic measures and painful tax increases … the responsible stuff the R’s got points & praise for having ‘done away with’....

Foreign policy is jerked from responsibility to hostility, as are trade pacs, environmental agreements and financial regulations.. Folks like me don’t sleep well -- but trying to constantly wake the sleeping masses ..while attempting to counter the constant propaganda they’re fed leaves us in constant education & clean-up mode.. Yes, ‘our nation’s’ in deep (DEEP) shit, and though it wasn’t the fault of me or mine … we’re waist deep, too ~

Varn Level 8 Mar 10, 2018

Sadly the problem is we have too many apathetic intelligent people.

Educate. Motivate. Activate.


Change what you can and don't get sick frustrating yourself.


prophets equal profits

I love that one.

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